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Accelerating Growth in 2023:
Prioritizing Value Delivery

In our Accelerating Growth for 2023: Prioritizing Value Delivery webinar, we took a closer look into what top SaaS companies like Palo Alto Networks, Google Cloud, and Automation Anywhere are doing to acquire, retain, and grow customer accounts.

During this roundtable discussion, our panelists explored five of their top 2023 priorities: operational excellence & impact of the value team, organizational alignment around value as a discipline, value enablement, driving Net Revenue Retention (NRR)/value realization, and benchmarking & innovation.

We took their responses and compiled a list of the Top 10 Tips to Accelerate Growth Through Customer Value in 2023. You can view it here.

Learn more about our panelists below:

Marc Headshot-1

Marc Goldstein
Global President, Business Value Consulting at Palo Alto Networks

Eric Headshot-1

Eric Ranta
Director, North America Cloud Value & Transformation Advisors at Google Cloud

Tarani Headshot-1

Tarani Arunachalam
Intelligent Automation Advisor
& Value Engineer at Automation Anywhere

Omid Headshot-1

Omid Razavi
Former Chief Customer Officer & Ecosystems CVC Advisor 

Brent Headshot-1

Brent Adamson
Global Head of Research
& Communities at Ecosystems

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[3:22] Our panelists, Marc Goldstein, Eric Ranta, Tarani Arunachalam, and Omid Razavi introduce themselves.

[6:40] Introducing our agenda:

  • Priority 1: Operational Excellence & Impact of the Value Team
  • Priority 2: Organizational Alignment around Value as a Discipline
  • Priority 3: “Value Enablement”
  • Priority 4: Driving NRR/Value Realization
  • Priority 5: Innovation & Benchmarking

[9:25] Chat question: What is your top 2023 priority to drive growth?

[10:22] Where does “Value” sit among other key organizational priorities for 2023?

[12:12] Eric and Marc discuss how value often becomes most important when our companies have the least amount of resources available to dedicate to it. In today’s economy, it is critical to focus efforts on scaling the limited resources of your team and focusing on the top priorities for your customers, shareholders, and C-suite.

[17:02] Priority 1: Operational Excellence & Impact of the Value Team

[25:02] The panelists discuss how, in 2023, companies should be working towards establishing a true Operating System. Value should be the Golden Thread that connects the entire organization because value promised is not the salesperson’s promise or the CSM’s promise - it is the company’s promise.

[28:11] Eric explains the importance of winning the hearts and minds of frontline teams. The panelists also discuss how most value teams are using a bookings approach, but they need to move to a continuous value model using collaborative platforms like Ecosystems, best practice templates, and tooling.

[33:39] Priority 2: Organizational Alignment around Value as a Discipline

[38:40] Tarani explores the importance of knowing what sets your company apart.

[42:05] Marc discusses how we as companies could all be better about boiling things down to the basics.

[46:30] Priority 3: “Value Enablement”

[50:40] Eric explains the importance of scale.

[52:58] Priority 4: Driving NRR/Value Realization

[53:30] Omid discusses how value is a journey and it does not end with the sale.

[58:05] Priority 5: Innovation & Benchmarking

[58:18] Marc states the importance of constantly innovating to meet your customer's needs.

[59:38] Closing remarks