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The True Cost of Doing Nothing: How to Combat Status Quo

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Featured Speakers

Jen Allen-Knuth-2

Jen Allen-Knuth
Founder of DemandJen


Alex Schrager
VP of Sales at Ecosystems

What's Inside?

Why does the Cost of Inaction (COI)  in sales matter?

It all ties back to prospect theory. 

Developed by Daniel Kahneman, prospect theory takes a look at how people make decisions that involve risk, probability, and uncertainty. When given the choice between two options, we tend to play it safe and stay the course to protect ourselves rather than risk it all, leading to inaction.

But what if staying the course was actually the bigger risk? 

Cost of inaction takes a deeper look into how sticking to the status quo is the true unthinkable option. 

Learn more about COI in this short video (filmed by AMP).


 Jen Allen-Knuth, who was a full-cycle enterprise sales rep for 18 years at CEB, Gartner, and Challenger and now leads DemandJen, and Alex Schrager, Ecosystems’ VP of Sales, explored a new way to do discovery, leading to better deal qualification, improved win rates, and increased expansion opportunities with current customers.

We discussed tactics like:

  • Identifying high-priority problems
  • Driving group consensus 
  • Quantifying the impact (non-monetized and monetized) of not changing
  • How leading SaaS organizations are modeling COI in Ecosystems value platform

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