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End-to-End Customer Value Automation - Insights from Zuora


Featured Speakers


Brent Adamson

Global Head of Research & Communities


Chris Stennett

Global Senior Director of Value Consulting


Aaron Kerzner

Regional Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Hear how Zuora implemented a best-in-class, end-to-end customer value management strategy in only six months, aligning marketing, sales, customer success, and product around a common value-based framework.

We’ll also explore Zuora’s self-serve web experience, designed to enable customers to not only self-educate on the value of Zuora solutions but also track that value after purchase. 

Zuora shares practical insights into:

  • Improving lead qualification by allowing prospects to self-educate on Zuora’s value
  • Identifying both churn risk and expansion opportunities through value realization
  • Collaboratively defining/quantifying desired business outcomes and KPIs with prospective customers  
  • Aligning internal teams around a common definition of customer value by integrating Ecosystems, Salesforce, and Gainsight

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