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Enabling a Customer Value-Based Approach

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Martin DeWitt_Headshot-1

Martin DeWitt
Director, Value Management,

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Joseph Marcantonio
Director, WW Value Engineering,

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Jennifer Kamber
Vice President, Customer Success,

What’s Inside?

Martin DeWitt, Director, Value Management at Workiva, Joseph Marcantonio, Director, WW Value Engineering at DataRobot, and Jennifer Kamber, Vice President, Customer Success at Ecosystems, led a panel discussion around enabling marketing, sales, and customer success teams to adopt a value-based approach
We dive into questions like:
  • How can you start to standardize the Positive Business Outcomes (PBOs) that are delivered by your solution?
  • How can you motivate your teams to adopt a value-based approach if they do not currently sell on value?
  • What criteria could be used by the sales or customer success teams to determine when to work with the value management team?
  • ...and more!

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