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Revenue Operations (RevOps)

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Alison Elworthy, Executive Vice President, Revenue Operations at HubSpot, Abhi Ingle, Chief Operating Officer, Revenue Operations at Qualtrics, Ben Kwon, Senior Vice President, Sales Strategy & Operations at Sumo Logic, and Chad Quinn, CEO of Ecosystems, discuss the growing trend towards bringing sales, customer success (CS), and marketing enablement and operations under the umbrella of Revenue Operations (RevOps).

We explore the benefits of adopting a RevOps approach, including:

  • Improving Customer Experience – RevOps connects data from sales, CS, marketing, and value management teams to help provide a better 360-degree customer view before, during, and after the sale.
  • Improving Alignment – By bringing customer-facing departments together, every customer initiative will have a measurable outcome from the sales funnel to CS, ensuring that sales, marketing, CS, value management, and service are on the same page, with the same goal in mind.
  • Improving Efficiency – RevOps removes roadblocks and silos within departments.

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