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Sales & Value Alignment



What’s Inside?

In our Sales & Value Alignment Webinar, hear insights from the following panelists:

  • Beth Kaiser, Senior Manager, Offerings and Scaled Engagement, Growth Strategic Value Group at Adobe
  • Jason Baer, Senior Manager, Solutions Practice, Digital Strategy Group at Adobe
  • Dung To, Senior Sales Operations Manager - Value Management Office at IronNet Cybersecurity
  • Brent Adamson, Head of Global Research & Communities at Ecosystems 

This webinar features a rich discussion on topics like driving the pipeline, the best practices for integrating value management into your sales motion, tips on how to build new operating models for value engagement, getting sales buy-in, and more.

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[9:57] Summary of agenda: driving pipeline, getting sales buy-in, and scaling value capability 

Driving Pipeline

[10:42] Community Q&A: What are some of the best practices you implement for integrating value management into your sales motion?

[11:30] Jason discusses best practices for Adobe, reviewing the six stages they use to help drive the pipeline, all the way from account planning to post-sales. 

[15:28] Jason gives insight into what is included in the “value workshop” in Adobe’s six stages to drive pipeline.

[16:44] Dung goes over IronNet’s process for driving pipeline and its similarities to Adobe.

[20:36] Beth adds how her team at Adobe starts their value selling journey before you even get to the sales process, working tightly with the prospect and customer marketing teams. 

[24:00] Dung discusses reactive versus proactive action and the balancing act during the different stages of driving the pipeline. She also reviews the metrics that IronNet uses for its one-pager ROI analysis.

[29:25] Community Q&A: What are some best practices you follow in building new operating models for value engagement?

Dung discusses operating models at IronNet. Beth shares the importance of experimenting and testing new practices to learn and improve—a “bite small, chew fast” model.

[32:55] Community Q&A: What are some of the best practices for early engagement of your value engineering team?

The team at Adobe share about the importance of getting involved early and in the account planning and strategy stages.

Getting Sales Buy-In

[38:32] Community Q&A: How do you influence sales teams to lean into value selling to build strong business cases when the sales team sees value selling activities as heavy lifts or unnecessary?

Dung discusses how IronNet looks at the value management office as an added tool for the sales team. Beth talks about the importance of showing the sales teams the results.

Scaling Value Capability

[50:40] Beth covers how you build a broader organizational discipline around value and the importance of teaching the customer-facing stakeholders to be able to conduct value conversations themselves. 

[52:14] Jason discusses the importance of collaboration between teams. Dung also shares her own inputs on collaboration in value selling.

[55:00] Dung talks about her role of ensuring value selling is implemented into the selling framework.