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The Value Blueprint Breakdown

Journey to a World-Class Revenue Operating System

What’s Inside?

In our Value Blueprint Breakdown Webinar, listen in as Brent Adamson, Global Head of Research & Communities at Ecosystems, breaks down our blueprint for a world-class value-based commercial operating system. Watch the on-demand recording to hear Brent speak on:

  • What a commercial operating system is
  • Why value matters today and how it factors into the sales process
  • An overview of our blueprint and how to use it
  • Tips for assessing your value management office
  • Next steps for moving forward on your journey to world-class

Our blueprint was created based on 20+ years as the leader in collaborative customer value management, Brent’s decades of research on buyer/seller behavior, and feedback from the members of our Customer Value Community. Enter your information to the right to download the on-demand recording to learn more about our blueprint and how you can access it!

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[1:55] Brent Introduces himself and the agenda:

  • Rules of Engagement
  • Introducing the “Value Blueprint”
  • What is a “Commercial Operating System”
  • Why Does Value Matter, Especially Now?
  • Blueprint Breakdown
  • Use Cases & Assessment Tips
  • Next Steps

Introducing the Blueprint of a World-Class, Value-Based Commercial Operating System

[7:56] Brent gives a brief introduction and overview to the blueprint and how it was created.

[13:00] Brent explains why he views value as a discipline and an operating system rather than a function.

What is a "commercial operating system?"

[14:05] Brent covers this question and breaks down why it is important to make your commercial operating system value-based.

Why does value matter, especially now?

[18:03] In this section, Brent explains the importance of value today in the sales process. 

[20:22} Brent takes a deep dive into the “value gap” and looks at different types of value gaps you may be facing in your company.

Blueprint Breakdown

[24:23] In this section, Brent takes a deeper dive into the value blueprint.  

[28:55]  Brent explains the different levels of the blueprint, looking at each column and how they are different in kind and degree.

[31:08] Here, Brent takes a look at the first column of the blueprint: Nascent 

[33:00] Brent dives into the second column: Emerging 

[35:00} Brent explains the third column: Established

[37:47] Brent looks at the fourth column, which is where he feels we as a society are moving next: Progressive 

[40:18] Brent dives into the fifth and final column of the blueprint: World-Class 

Use Cases

[43:43] Having broken down the different columns of the value blueprint, Brent moves on to begin talking about use cases for the blueprint itself and the different steps he would take. 

[48:44] Brent addresses a question from the audience about how to best prioritize going about building a world-class commercial operating system with the help of the value blueprint. 

[50:00] Brent addresses feedback from attendees on how to improve the value blueprint.

Assessment Tips

[50:58] Brent goes over a few assessment tips for evaluating where you are at in the value blueprint and where to go from here.

Next Steps

[53:30] Brent shares what to do next after watching the webinar.

[54:30} A short discussion on the CVC and our next upcoming events.