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Delivering Next-Gen Customer Value with AI - Ecosystems & Google Cloud

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Featured Speakers

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Eric Ranta
Director, North America Cloud Value & Transformation Advisors at Google Cloud

Michael Plaskow
Chief Product Officer at Ecosystems

Brent Adamson
Global Head of Research, Advisory, & Communities at Ecosystems

December 5, 2023  | 1-2 PM ET

Join the Customer Value Community (CVC) for a discussion around innovative use cases for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive alignment and increase efficiency for your sales, customer success, marketing, and value teams with:

  • Eric Ranta, Director, North America Cloud Value & Transformation Advisors at Google Cloud
  • Michael Plaskow, Chief Product Officer at Ecosystems
  • Brent Adamson, Global Head of Research & Communities at Ecosystems 

We will also share more on ViViEN, a generative AI and machine learning Virtual Value Engineer that facilitates a shared understanding between provider and customer on the value of their partnership within the Ecosystems SaaS platform. 

ViViEN's intelligence is augmented with custom-trained LLM models, such as PaLM 2, through Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform. This allows ViViEN to continually analyze value conversations between a provider and its customers, identify patterns associated with healthy commercial relationships, and recommend optimized value frameworks for continued partnership growth.

We will share strategies around five use cases:

  • Research: Leverage generative AI to automate research and the compilation of credible, industry-specific value messaging.
  • Compose: Use Ecosystems’ custom-trained LLM to compose highly personal value conversations, based on context, industry, business objective, and buyer role.
  • Predict: Predict funnel health, opportunity viability, and sales velocity through ML-based analysis of past performance.
  • Coach: Guide front-line teams to execute next-best actions for both at-risk accounts and best-bet accounts.
  • Expand: Tap into telemetry data to guide customers to the next best supplier capabilities to expand current relationship value.

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