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Introducing: New Discovery Capabilities

The Discovery component of the Collaborative Value Assessment empowers sellers to have a business conversation, which is qualitative in nature, before engaging customers with quantified benefits.

Key Highlights:

The types of Discovery content and categories are configurable by each Ecosystems client
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Users can export the Discovery conversation captured in a Collaborative Value Assessment to output reports

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While starting with best-practice default content is a distinguishing characteristic of Ecosystems, a major valuable component of Discovery is the interactive refinement with the customer

Discovery New Feature
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Users can summarize the qualitative and quantitative value conversations in a single document

Benefits of Discovery Include:

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Set yourself apart from your competition

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Drive revenue growth

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Turn your customer relationships into trusted partnerships

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Better understand your customer's needs, preferences, pain points, and what they perceive as valuable

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Make customers feel heard and understood

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Co-Defining Customer Value.


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