White Paper

The Future of Value Selling: Value Co-Creation

What’s Inside?

Your journey to value selling begins here.

Value is a collaborative game, but it’s not the kind of game where one player wins and one loses.

In this game, both players win because they can choose from thousands of game pieces that snap and click into place like Legos, resulting in a never-before-seen creation that solves the customer’s most pressing dilemmas.

In this report, we offer the tools to assess your sales team’s collaborative strength and chart a course for transformation. We dive into:

  1. The Value Selling Landscape
  2. The Journey to Co-Creation
  3. The Ripple Effect of Co-Creation
  4. The Phases of Co-Creation
  5. Scale Your Value Selling
  6. The Transformative Leader

Download this white paper for key insights from pioneering thought leaders in the field, including Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, and Frank Cespedes, author and senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.  

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