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Get Ready to Rock: Become a Value Enabler

What's Inside?

In the pantheon of punk rockers, there are the Ramones. Green Day. Violent Femmes. Topher Mitchell.

Don’t bother googling Topher. He just felt like a punk rocker, smashing old notions of established selling while the C-suite of his employer, Qualtrics, has embraced value as a touchstone of company culture.

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With Topher at the mic, Qualtrics is pursuing a customer experience focused on value by following a prescriptive, five-phase Value Blueprint (see above graphic) that takes an enterprise from Nascent to World-Class.

80 percent of companies stall before they arrive at Phase III, denied entry by human limitations. And so, Qualtrics’ transition from Phase II (Emerging) to Phase III (Established) is especially instructive.

Qualtrics has cracked the code, and a digital collaborative value platform is the key. As their experience in reaching Phase III shows, the launch of a flexible, collaborative Value Experience (VX) platform puts value conversations in the hands of the entire sales team, while elevating value consultants into the indispensable role of value enabler.

Now in Phase III, Topher is free to think more strategically about how to impact the organization. The value platform unlocks hundreds of hours per month and imbues him with the punk-rock power of being a value disruptor for his organization.

This case study explores:

  • The Ecosystems Value Blueprint
  • The disruptive qualities of how a revenue operating system can help create value enablers and scale value
  • How Qualtrics overcame barriers and
    progressed from Phase II (Emerging Operating System) to Phase III (Established Operating System) in the journey to create a value culture

Download this case study to learn how the value team at Qualtrics has doubled its reach and now supporting 2X the number of deals while simultaneously improving win rates.

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